The Fair - FULL LESSONS ALL Elements - Best Value!!!!

The Fair -  FULL LESSONS ALL Elements - Best Value!!!!
THE FAIR!!  It’s something we love to visit again and again every year.  The sights, the sounds, the smells and the rides, the food, the games, the animals.  It’s that familiar that makes it unforgettable and keeps us returning!

Come learn and play with us as we walk through the life and ministry of Elisha, a prophet whose actions and impact was strangely familiar to his mentor, Elijah! We’ll learn the power of a great mentor in our life and the importance of keeping our eyes on them as well as God.

Week #1 - Elisha's Great Ride!  The start of Elisha's great ride started with a spectacular ride of Elijah's.  See the video here

Week #2 - The Animas - Beware of Bears! Likes and dislikes...that’s ok! Don’t lose site!! See the video here.

Week #3 - Fair Food - Elisha's faithfulness in the big and the small things! See lesson video here!!

Week #4 - The Game Zone!  Keep your eyes on it! Helping others see with eyes of faith!   See lesson video here!

4 original videos + series bumper

Large Group and Small Group Lessons

Drive time - Parent connect!

Full digital assets - ai and psd / keynote / powerpoint

$ 24.95