Star Wise - Wisdom you Seek! - FULL LESSONS ALL Elements - Best Value!!!!

Star Wise - Wisdom you Seek! - FULL LESSONS ALL Elements - Best Value!!!!

Star Wise is a 6 week series on Proverbs for elementary kids! Proverbs are short verses that are action packed and exploding with Godly insights for kids and adults alike!  

Comes complete with all elements for large group lessons, small group, take home and review, object lessons and games.  6 original videos and 2 series openers.  Also includes full series graphics to use or customize!

Week #1 is about Daniel 1:23, the basis for the title for this series.  We walk through where real wisdom starts, what it means to "fear" the Lord and how to grow in wisdom!  See lesson video here

Week #2  is about Solomon, the "Original Wisest Guy!" How Solomon got and kept wisdom, 1 Kings 3:3.  We also take a look at Solomon's first "test case" for his wisdom See lesson video here.

Week #3 is about Proverbs 3:5.  We learn 3 important steps in helping us make wise decisions and find Godly direction.  Cain and Abel are great examples for this Proverb.  See lesson video here.

Week #4 - The a world of many ways, including my way...Proverbs 14:12 helps us know which is the wisest to choose and the outcomes of a poor choice.  The prodigal son plays well here. See lesson video here.

Week #5 - Choose your words wisely! Proverbs 16:24 speaks about the power of our words and the wisdom it takes to use them.  Zechariah is a great example of being left speechless for using his words unwisely!  See lesson video here.

Week #6  Proverbs 4 :23 is a great Proverb to end with, guarding your heart!  It's the key to growing in Wisdom! David was known as man after Gods own heart.  Lets see how he started out!  See lesson video here.

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