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ON SALE NOW - The Big Splash - FULL LESSONS ALL Elements - Best Value!!!!

ON SALE NOW - The Big Splash - FULL LESSONS ALL Elements - Best Value!!!!

The Big Splash

Lessons from the Life of Moses.

Check out the Big Splash…and learn from the life and lesson of Moses…all of which happened around water!  Warning…you may get wet!

Week #1 “Water Baby” - God had great plans for Moses.  Love seeing God’s hand on Moses through some pretty extreme beginnings! Exodus 1- 2:10. Check out the video here.

Week#2 “Well…well…well” - Cooler heads prevail. - Moses has a run in with some meekness!  A necessary component of leadership!  Exodus 2:11-25 Check out the video here.

Week #3 “Don’t forget to take your shoes off!” - This lesson moves quickly through Moses meeting God to addressing Pharaoh to the 10 plagues of Egypt.  It’s like drinking from a firehose…lots happening.  Exodus chapters 3 -13. Check out the video here.

Week #4 “Red see - hands up for the ride” - One of the greatest miracles in the OT! Check out the simple instructions for us as well.  Exodus 12:31-14:31. Check out the video here.

Week #5 “Water Rocks” - Love seeing how God provides for his people through Moses! Exodus 15:22 - 17:6.  Check out the video here.

Week #6 “Flowing…going…gone”  The promised land is looming, spies reporting back, wanderings, and the last coming and going of Moses.  A picture of God’s justice and mercy. Exodus 17:6 - 34; Numbers 13-14.  Check out the video here.

Series includes

  • large group elements
  • small group elements
  • full powerpoint/images for each lesson
  • video opener for series
  • parent take home/parent connect piece
  • customizable graphics files
  • 6 original videos for Bible story
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