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eStir - A 4 week Easter series for Elementary Kids - FULL LESSONS ALL Elements - Best Value!!!!

eStir - A 4 week Easter series for Elementary Kids -  FULL LESSONS ALL Elements - Best Value!!!!

“eStir!” It’s not spelled wrong! It’s spelled to help us remember and experience exactly what Easter is all about!  eStir, the Price, the Plan and the Place!

E-commerce is popular with adults and kids alike.  Everyone has received a gift card or (i-tunes or google play) to help make an online purchase.  It’s the new way to pay!  “e’ reminds us that a price was paid @ Easter for all of us! The stir is exactly what Jesus has been doing since He entered the world @ Christmas as a little baby.  The Prince of Peace is all grown up and the miracle worker from Nazareth. He is hailed as a hero in the triumphal entry and one week later put to death. Journey with us on the last week of Easter, the Holy week as we see the stirrings of Jesus in the lives of the people, the religious leaders of the day and his disciples.  Experience the last and biggest stirring of that week, Jesus’ death and resurrection! 

Don’t miss it. He’s still stirring today!

This Elementary Large Group/Small Group Curriculum Bundle includes


  1. 1 Video series opener.
  2. 8 original videos of Bible stories
  3. Original customizable graphics and all lesson elements
  4. Each lesson outline is written to flow in an exciting, age appropriate and  engaging manner that  leads your kids through an experience which can include object lessons games and reviews.
  5. Includes Small Group Lessons
  6. Includes “Drive Time” parent resources which help parents connect the dots @ home with their kids


Lesson 1 - The Price and the Plan.  The Parade and the Temple

View the Triumphal Entry here.  View Jesus Cleansing the Temple here.

Lesson 2 - The Plot. The Anointing. The Passover and Peter

View the Last Supper here.  View Jesus predicts Peter's denial here.

Lesson 3 - The Garden. The Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus

View Jesus prayer in the garden here.  View the Crucifixion here.

Lesson 4 - The Resurrection. Jesus Appearances. Seeing is Believing!?

View the Resurrection here.  View Jesus and Thomas here.

$ 24.95