January 31, 2016 Dave Pavlu

No we didn't spell it wrong.  Just a great way to help communicate the events and significance of this hallmark in our faith!   "e" is for the e-commerce world we live it. It connotes a price!  Easter was certainly about our salvation being purchased through Christ!    The Stir is for us to realize just how much happened so quickly that last week of Jesus time on earth!  Jesus was stirring up the countryside, the religious leaders of the time, and also his disciples in preparation for the biggest move of our faith!   eStir!  It's one of those...

What's your Star Walk Decorations look like?!?!

January 31, 2016 Dave Pavlu

We have had pics coming in form across the country showing us what their Star Walk set / decoration and look like.  Check out Dan's from Iowa!  Post your pics to see them.  

In a living room far...far away..."Star Walk" - the Savior Awakens...!!!

December 01, 2015 Dave Pavlu

Well we started with Star Walk - "the Savior Awakens"...and it was a rush from there! We are excited at the response for this new (our first) series!  Video production is well underway.  Check out the free curriculum download in our store.